Air conditioning maintenance guarantees fresh indoor air

Air conditioning is an accessory in the car, which you only truly miss when you don’t have it when needed. Many drivers neglect maintenance of their air conditioning, and when it gets broken, there may be a need for a major renovation. In order to get it running, maintenance should be done regularly every 2-3 years. Our air conditioning maintenance guarantees fresh indoor air!

Refrigerant in air conditioning

Air conditioning maintenance is usually not included in periodic maintenance programs. However, you should remember to service the air conditioner every 2-3 years, even if it is working normally. Refrigerant constantly evaporates from the system, and a device that has not been serviced long enough can run out of refrigerant completely. Too little amount of refrigerant is the most common cause of air conditioning failures. You could imagine that when you add a substance to the device at this point, it starts to work normally, but that is not the case.

If there is too little refrigerant, the compressor has to work harder to circulate it in the system. This increases fuel consumption, but also strains the compressor, which is lubricated by oil moving with the refrigerant. When there is too little refrigerant, the lubrication of the compressor is also insufficient. In addition, if the air conditioning is broken or unused for a long time, moisture accumulates inside the system, causing corrosion. Compressor gaskets can also dry out and become brittle if the air conditioner is not used for a long time. That is why it should be used all year round from time to time, but not during the most severe frosts.

Lapkaara's air conditioning maintenance guarantees fresh interior air for your car.

Lapkaara air conditioning maintenance €79 + refrigerant

Ensure the operation of your air conditioner with our air conditioning maintenance performed by our professionals! We check the amount of refrigerant and clean, dry and fill the air conditioning system, and at the same time detect any leaks. If necessary, we also add lubricating oil. The new fresh air filter guarantees that you can enjoy fresh air in your car again. Lapkaara air conditioning service guarantees fresh interior air in your car. Welcome to our car repair shop in Ritaharju, Oulu!

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