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From Lapkaara, brand-specific maintenance programs and electronic maintenance book fillings

Lapkaara performs multi-brand maintenance in accordance with the brand-specific maintenance program. We also fill out an electronic maintenance book for Mazda, Ford, BMW, Audi, Skoda, Volkswagen, and Mercedes Benz cars.

Regular maintenance pays off

Following the brand-specific maintenance program and keeping the maintenance book up-to-date will maximize the lifespan, safety and resale value of the car. When selling a car, the entries in the maintenance book about the maintenance performed on time according to the maintenance program are worth money. On the other hand, following the maintenance program also ensures that the car is maintained in a way that the manufacturer has found to be sufficient in its tests and experience. Periodic maintenance is usually cheaper than repairing defects that get worse over time.

Service book markings are not always up to date

The traditional maintenance book is a paper booklet that ideally goes with the car all the way to the repair shop and is labeled for the specific service performed. Repair shops can also make their own entries in the maintenance book according to varying practices. A carelessly filled maintenance book may contain only occasional markings, so that some of the measures taken remain unmarked. The markings of some repair shops can also be so unclear that it is difficult to verify afterwards what has been done to the car during the maintenance.

The electronic maintenance book is more reliable than paper

Since it is possible to forget to fill in the service book or fill it carelessly, several manufacturers have replaced the paper service book with an electronic version. Mazda was the first to introduce an electronic service book, and their electronic service book is also in use in Lapkaara. In practice, the electronic maintenance book is the manufacturer’s database where information is stored and to which repair shops have access to. The use of the electronic maintenance book does not require a brand repair shop, as the law requires all repair shops to have equal access to the vehicle information. The electronic maintenance book is always with you and it is reliable as it must be filled out properly.  It is easy to make your own notes in the paper book, but you cannot add false maintenances in the manufacturer’s database.

Therefore, the buyer of a used car with an electronic service book can be sure of its service history. In addition, the electronic maintenance book usually works in several countries or the entire continent, depending on the server, so the service history of a car imported from abroad is also more easily accessible when it is in electronic form. Thanks to the electronic service book, the owner can also be reminded of the approaching service time. 

We have Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, BMW, Ford, Audi, Volkswagen and Skoda electronic maintenance books and a brand-specific maintenance program for other brands as well! Welcome to our car service in Ritaharju, Oulu!

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