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Four-wheel alignment

Fix the steering angles of the wheels with our four-wheel alignment

If the car steers sideways, the tyres vibrate or the tyres wear unevenly, the reason is often in the steering angles of the wheels. With our four-wheel alignment we can check the angles, and at the same time the steering angles of the wheels can be adjusted. With our 3D imaging, the wheels can be fixed precisely in a right position.

Steering angles are sensitive to external conditions

Driving on a bumpy road or a sudden hit, for example, in a pothole, can cause a small displacement of the wheel in relation to the axle. If driving the car in a straight line requires turning the steering wheel slightly to either side, the steering angles should be checked immediately. The problem usually gets worse, as the incorrect wheel position also stresses other parts of the chassis. 

Observe the wheel angles regularly

It is important to check the angles of the wheels routinely, for example when changing the tyres. Wide low-profile tyres aggravate incorrect positions even more, so it is especially important to take care of their steering angles.

At our Ritaharju car service in Oulu, we execute four-wheel alignment to your car! The four-wheel orientation guarantees you comfortable driving kilometers. Our professional staff will help you in all matters related to your car. Welcome to our car service in Ritahaju in Oulu!

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