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Lapkaara takes care of oil changes and flushing

Oil change is part of our efficient maintenance process.

Our range of services is expanding - now you can get also mechanical oil change and flushing of the automatic transmission

All moving parts of the car, including the gearbox, need proper lubrication. Just like engine oils, gear oils need to be changed from time to time to ensure adequate lubrication. Manual transmission oils need changing from time to time, but especially automatic transmission oils should be changed regularly. Changing the oil in the automatic transmission should be part of the maintenance program every 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers, but unfortunately this is not the case for all manufacturers and models. Another problem may occur if the oil is changed by traditionally draining it through the oil plug. In this method even up to half of the old oil may remain in the transmission. Various impurities and particles are usually left with the old oil in the hardest-to-clean corners of the gearbox.

Öljynvaihto ja huuhtelu

Dirty oil can cause many problems

Old oil often contains various impurities, as for example moisture and dust can get inside the gearbox. The lubricating properties of the oil deteriorate over time also due to oxidation, and in addition, small metal particles are gradually released from the wearing parts into the oil. Over time, these impurities accumulate on the lubricated surfaces or even dissolve in the oil, reducing the lubricating properties of the oil. This can cause the gearbox to squeal, shift unevenly, and even lead to an expensive gearbox repair. Therefore, we recommend mechanical flushing method for changing the gear oil.

Mechanical oil change and flushing cleans the gearbox effectively

The flushing method was initially introduced in industry and heavy vehicles, but today it has been found to be the best method also in automatic transmissions of passenger cars. In our mechanical flushing, the impurities are bound to the old oil with an additive, after which the oil is circulated for a long time, so that all dirt and particles are removed. After this, the oil is changed to a new one in such a way that the new and old oil do not get mixed. The end result is a clean box that changes smoothly and endures use. As a proof of this, we give a guarantee for the work and parts as usual!

During the maintenance, you can get our high-quality replacement car at a low price. Also ask us about changing the manual transmission oils – they don’t really last forever either! Welcome to our car service in Ritaharju, Oulu!

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