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Repair of additional heaters

Repair of additional heaters from Lapkaara

A fuel-powered auxiliary heater is a handy tool in the Finnish winter. The heater brings comfort to driving due to the faster heating of the interior air, but its primary function is to heat the coolant and the engine, and especially in diesel cars, also soften the fuel. The preheated engine removes frost from the window quickly and enables lower consumption and emissions.

The additional heater should not be used excessively

The additional heater consumes battery power, so its extra use should be avoided. If the auxiliary heater has been used for a long time, the car should also be driven long enough for the battery to charge again. The car should be driven for at least as long as the heater has been used before starting. Alternatively, it is recommended to charge the car battery regularly with a maintenance charger if it is possible.

The auxiliary heater may require maintenance or repair

Like any moving part in the car, also the auxiliary heater can get broken. In Lapkaara we can repair your additional heater with a guarantee for the work! From Lapkaara, you can get maintenance, repairs and spare parts for additional heaters, with a warranty on parts and work! Also ask us about the installation of an additional heater when you need one.  This way you can forget about the problems in starting the engine in the winter and enjoy driving!

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