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Save space and time by choosing tyre storage

Lapkaara tyre storage saves time and energy

Finding storage space for tyres may be often problematic. Dirty tires take up a lot of space in the basement or garage, and changing them or taking them to the tyre shop a couple of times a year is not exactly the most pleasant pastime. In many housing companies, it is even forbidden to store tyres in the common storages of the house. Our tyre hotel is a worthwhile option, as our service includes storage, washing and changing the tyres to your car for a total price of only 79,90 euros!

Tyre changing takes place smoothly

Storing your tyres in our hotel will make changing of tyres easy. All you have to do is bring the car to us and we’ll take care of the rest. When changing tyres, you will get clean tyres underneath, and at the same time we can check the tyre tread depth, as well as the tyre pressure.

Tyres are stored in optimal conditions, protecting tyres from UV radiation and moisture and temperature fluctuations. This way, also exposure to oils and other chemicals can be avoided, which may a problem in home garages. In Lapkaara tyre storage, your tyres will be protected from adverse effects, and in this way you will maximize both driving safety and the life span of the tyres, which will save you significant money.

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Lapkaara monitors your tyre tread depth

Tyres are the only point of contact between the road and your car. It is therefore necessary to monitor their condition regularly. Every winter there are even fatal crashes where the poor tyre grip has been a factor.

Also other harmful consequences can follow from bad tyres. Insufficient tyre groove depth can even lead to a driving ban in inspection, and on the road the police can fine you for low tread depth. The police regularly conduct extensive tyre raids, especially in autumn.

The minimum groove depth specified in the law is 1.6 millimeters for summer tyres and 3 millimeters for winter tyres. However, it is difficult to visually assess the depth of a groove, and not many of us remember to investigate the matter with a groove depth meter. When you bring your tyres to us for storage, you can be sure that their tread depth will be checked every time they are put on your car. We cooperate with Vianor, so we can also supply new and high-quality tyres for your car, if you need them.

Ask us about rims and other repair work, as well as four-wheel orientations! Welcome to our car repair shop in Ritaharju, Oulu!

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