LAPKAARA – Autokorjaamo Katsastus Oulu

Lapkaara executes tyre work and tyre balancing

The importance of tyres for driving safety cannot be overemphasized. They are the only point of contact between the road and the car, so their condition should be monitored. When you let professionals inspect and maintain your tyres, you can go on the road with peace of mind. In Lapkaara you can find both tyre services and comprehensive car repair services under the same roof. We cooperate with Vianor, so we can also supply new and high-quality tyres for your car!

Tyres have to endure

Tyres have to withstand many different conditions: water, ice, sand, dust and temperatures ranging from burning heat to freezing temperatures. In addition, even in normal driving, repeated accelerations, braking and lateral forces test the tyre grip. Unfortunately, the maintenance of the tyres is often neglected: the condition of the tyres is checked perhaps with a quick glance when changing them a couple of times a year, and the tyre pressure is measured only when the tyre starts to look empty. When the tyre is then inflated, it is easy to forget to check e.g. the condition of the rim or possible leakage points, which continue to cause gradual deflating of the tyre. 

Tyre balancing guarantees driving comfort and safety

Incorrect tyre pressures reduce grip and increase wear, but many other things also affect tyre performance. One such thing is tyre balancing, the importance of which may not be thought of. Balancing is important every time a tyre is put on a rim, whether it is a new tyre or repairing an old one. Steering vibration can also indicate the need for balancing. Tyre balancing improves driving comfort and stability and predictability of steering through the optimal ratio of lateral and longitudinal grip. In addition, tyre wear and fuel consumption are minimized with properly balanced tyres. The speedometer also benefits from balancing, as its operation is based on the rotation of the wheels. Balancing guarantees the accuracy of the speedometer and you know exactly how fast you are driving, for example, to a speed camera.

Ask from Lapkaara for other tyre work as well

We help you in all matters related to tyres at our car service in Oulu. In addition to tyre replacement and balancing we can offer you e.g. patching, rim work, and valve replacements and repairs. As usual, we grant a warranty for all work and parts.

We cooperate with Vianor, so we can also supply new and high-quality tyres for your car.  In our tyre hotel, you can store your tyres safely and economically around the year. Remember to also check the steering angles of the wheels – you can also find four-wheel alignment in our selection!