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The company

Professional car service since 1998. Lapkaara is a full-service car repair shop operating in Ritaharju, Oulu.

Entrepreneur behind the company

A man behind Lapkaara is the entrepreneur Arto Kankaala, 31. Arto originally studied to become a tradesman (University of Applied Sciences), but after graduation he started to think about entrepreneurship. Lapkaara had been established in the 90s. The company was transferred to S&A Kankaala Oy, i.e. Arto Kankaala and his wife Sara Kankaala in 2016, and the operations have been expanded ever since towards a full-service car repair shop. 

Business activities have also included setbacks, but with hard work they have also been overcome. Arto has attended several different trainings to develop his business activities. “You must not give up, I am 45 percent disabled. If I had stayed at home, things could have been worse,” says Arto Kankaala. The operation first started in Jääli, after which it was expanded to Ritaharju. Nowadays, all services have been centralized in the new premises in Ritaharju, with good transport connections.

Arto Kankaala received the North Ostrobothnia Entrepreneurs’ Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 award. 

“We have an absolutely great team. The customers’ feedback has been encouraging and it is great to continue developing the company. Customer service is our thing”, says Managing Director Arto Kankaala.

Whether you have a small or a big problem with your car- we will help! Welcome to Ritaharju in Oulu!

Arto Kankaala

Entrepreneur, Managing Director

Tel: 040-8384959 Email:

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Ville Kurkela

Car repair shop manager, Car inspection

Tel: 045-78841002

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Antti Illikainen

Work reception, Vehicle mechanic

Tel: 040-7371314

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Customers experience

Kaarlo Jussila


Jarmo Kynkäänniemi

Reindeer man, Entrepreneur

Customer experiences

This is what car repair should always have been like.

Customer service is our most important competitive advantage. You always come to us with a smile on your face.

In our offers, we also price the repairs that may only be “revealed” during the service in other services. You can also pay in smaller installments.

We have the expertise and the right equipment to service all brands. Our work always has a two-year warranty!

With us, you don’t have to wait weeks for car repair.

With us you will understand what we do to your car.

We are entrepreneurs. Our reputation is everything. That’s why we have everything at stake all the time.

Our car service and inspection is located right next to the road number four in Oulu’s Ritaharju, so it’s easy to get there.

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